Ann Hunter

Obituary of Ann Patrice Hunter

Ann Hunter, beloved educator and friend, passed away on August 20, 2020, after a long battle with heart disease. Born on November 15, 1962, Ann grew up in a wonderful family, full of love and strong values. Her immediate family enjoyed a lifetime of experiences from Fort Worth to California as her Aerospace father located them from project to project, from the original Mars Excursion project through the Apollo missions. Ann grew to love the total performing arts craft and loved to talk about it, as well as perform and direct others. She loved it so much she decided to become an educator while attending Texas Tech and Texas Wesleyan Universities. Many of her fellow students at Texas Wesleyan remained her close friends throughout her life. Nothing made Ann happier than to watch her students enjoy the theater and the comradery with industry pros in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. She went out of her way to push and drive her students, spending evenings, weekends, and summers giving students of all ages multiple opportunities to strengthen their performance skills, as well as build their self-esteem. Her favorite phrases were “the curtain’s always going up,” “be ready and enjoy the show,” and “You’ve Got This!” Due to Covid-19 there will not be a ceremony, besides, Ann would have hated it! Her family only wishes everyone to remember Ann fondly and know how much she loved all of you. When you think of her, smile big.