Michael Snodgrass

Obituary of Michael Everett Snodgrass

Michael Everett Snodgrass, cherished son, husband, father and grandfather (“Pop”) passed from this life to his eternal home on Monday, April 6, 2020. Knowing his wishes, the family has requested that there be no visitation or service. Michael was born in Independence, Missouri on July 11, 1955 to Everett Grissom Snodgrass, “Mike,” and Mary Romaine Freeman, “Romaine.” The family moved around quite a bit, as Michael’s dad’s jobs required them to do, but Michael considered his hometown to be Seattle, Washington. It was there that he attended school and made life-long friends. Michael’s life always included, and at times seemed to be held together, by music. He had a very deep-rooted love for music and enjoyed almost every genre. He was often asked as an adult, what instrument he played, to which he replied, “The stereo.” He was so knowledgeable in the subject that people assumed he played an instrument. Often, his phone rang with someone wanting him to settle a bet or win an argument for them by settling some little-known fact of a certain band or artist or such. He loved being considered “a living, breathing, walking encyclopedia of music.” He attended many musical festivals and concerts. He was known to catch the eye of the star of the show, and invite that star, as well as their band members, out for drinks, or even a meal, after a show. And several of those musical stars accepted, which made for a great time! Not long after school ended, the family was, again, on the move. This time Michael’s dad’s career led them to Salt Lake City, Utah, where Michael met and married his first wife, Susanne Hovey, on November 2, 1980. After marrying in Salt Lake City, the couple moved to Tooele, Utah. Michael mined copper when they were blessed with the birth of their first child, and only daughter, Darcie. Shortly after her birth, employment took him and his family to Wright, Wyoming, where about a year and a half later, they welcomed the arrival of their son, Wesley. After several years of normal family ups and downs, Michael and Susanne divorced in 1997. Michael continued living in Wright, Wyoming for 14 more years. It was during this time that he met and married Jena Harvey, from Texas. The next few years were difficult for him, as an old neck injury made it more and more difficult to continue working. But the most important aspect of his life was always family, which seemingly included the family pets. Finally, in 2009, with both of his children grown and living in Utah, his career ended when he was no longer able to work. Michael had already lost both of his parents, when Jena’s parents’ age and declining health lead to their decision to move to Fort Worth, Texas, to be closer to her parents. So, in November of 2011, Michael and Jena “moved south.” While it was nice to have Jena be close to her family again, Michael’s own health continued to decline. He began to spend more and more time in hospitals and physical rehabilitation facilities. On March 10, 2020 he was placed in Hospice care. On April 6, 2020, he passed away peacefully in his sleep in his own home. While always humble and unassuming, he was an honorable, kind, generous, gentle, and loving man who was good to everyone he met. His family always came first, but he also opened up his home to anyone in need. He taught his children, by example, to donate their time, energy, and at times, their money to those less fortunate. While his stature wasn’t necessarily very large, his character was gigantic. Many, many family and friends’ lives will never be the same after being touched by his life. He did this world a great honor just by spending time here with us.